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Ensure that your water system is working on tip-top condition 24/7 with the help of professional plumber Malaysia specialists! A1 Plumber offers superior and trusted plumbing services for residential and commercial clients at the BEST RATES! 

  • Full-service plumbing solutions and packages
  • Professional and vetted plumbers and crew
  • Upfront pricing and rates
  • Accepts urgent service orders
  • Serve in major locations in Malaysia

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A1 Plumber is a leading plumbing specialist company in Malaysia that offers a wide selection of plumbing and utility services at the best rates. We aim to provide our clients with superior plumbing solutions that would ensure that their water system is working clockwork and without fail.

Our Humble Beginnings

A1 Plumber started as a small company servicing the local community. As the demand for our services increased, we decided to expand our services and reach so we can help more households and businesses resolve their plumbing issues and ensure that their spaces have a working piping system that would provide them with the water they needed and dispose of use and wastewater properly and in accordance with the community standards.

Today, we are servicing major locations in Malaysia and offer full-service plumbing solutions for both residential and commercial clients.

Values We Adhere To

We are not just contractors; we are your partner towards keeping your space in excellent condition. To be able to do our job, we follow a set of rules and philosophies that would guide us to perform our best.


We are always upfront with our prices, our services, and the solutions we provide. We provide up-to-date and correct information to our clients, stakeholders, and team members as the law dictates. 


We always believe that we are only as good as our last work. Every project we handle is done with professionalism, keen attention to details, and within schedule.


We encourage sharing of ideas and make sure that every crew and team member is involve in every project, no matter how big or small it is.


We make sure that we apply the latest and most effective strategies to perform our tasks and to serve our clients.

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